Every 2nd Monday of

the month at 20.00 hr


Arboretum Church

Arboretumlaan 1/A



Taize prayer is for everybody who aspires to maintain peace of heart in all things, living in joy, simplicity and mercy.

''With a few words, it is possible at every moment to pray to Christ: "in You is peace of heart."

When disenchantment gains the upper hand and our steps grow heavy, when a fine human hope or, still more, longing for God vanishes from our life, then our innermost heart becomes frozen.

Peace of heart can be welcomed or neglected. When the way forward becomes obscured by events, it is more indispensable than ever.

If praying alone can be hard, the beauty of praying together with others is an incomparable support for the inner life."

Frere Roger of Taize

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